5 Rap Songs To Workout To

Personally when I workout I love to listen to rappers that I’d love to sleep with, that said, most of these rappers I actually don;t want to sleep with…Gorilla Zoe? But these tracks do make me feel closer to these rappers, as if they wrote this music for me to lose weight to, as if they knew that one day I was going to need their music to assist me dying running at the gym. Even if the lyrics couldn’t be further from giving a fuck about my workout, these are some great tracks to get you riled up.

“Hard in the Paint” by Waka Flocka Flame

If I could, Flocka would be 1 through 6 on this list but for the sake of variety I  opted to not to reveal how devoted to his music I am. This track forever goes hard.


“Monsta Man” by Giggs

I know I said this for Flocka, but again, I would post Giggs 1-6 also. London rapper, is Flocka’s counterpart in terms of creating music that makes it’s listener feel way harder than they actually are. If you’re yet to hear a Giggs track, you must acquaint yourself. This song, lyrically, is a joy. Also check out the collab he did with Waka. 


“Ain’t Worried About Nothing” by French Montana

I dunno how I feel about French Montana,  maybe nothing at all. But this song is as annoying as it is brilliant. When you’re in a good mood, this is a great accomplice in making you feel so much better. When working out to this you can pull yourself into a false sense of security and pretend that French isn’t talking from a super rich person perspective and is just some ominous god like voice.

“R.I.P.” by Young Jeezy

Urgh, I love this song. And yes this list is turning into me just listing rap songs I love. I love this song, so much. “R.I.P. I just killed the club”…I mean lyrical genius, revel in this when lifting those 3 pound barbells.

“Hood N****” by Gorilla Zoe

If you don’t know this song, it’s SO GOOD. Yeah I don’t know who Gorilla Zoe is either, but fortunately Pandora brought us together. This is also perfect for running to, also planking too, which is weird but hey THAT’S WHAT I DO.

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