5 Pharrell Williams Tracks You Forgot You Love

It just came out yesterday, but you’re probably already captivated by Pharrell Williams’ new album G I R L. He dominated the sound of the summer with his turns on ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Blurred Lines’, and can anyone remember what life sounded like pre ‘Happy’? As the most prolific artist of our generation let us not forget the resplendent treasures Pharrell has spoiled us with previously. Here are five Pharrell Williams tunes that you forgot were wholly amazing.

A baby faced Pharrell (not that he’s actually aged at all) dropped the sparkling ‘Frontin’’ as his premiere solo single. At the time he insisted that this minimal groove was to be a one-off as he wanted to be recognised as a producer rather than a standalone artist… Thank the heavens he changed his mind about that.

Can I Have It Like That
The lead single from Pharrell’s debut solo LP In My Mind (which, weirdly, is not available on iTunes – WTF?) is a stone cold stonker. Feast upon its glam brass intro and bridge, that deep down throbbing bass and the nonchalant one line exchanges between Skateboard P and Gwen Stefani. Yes, Pharrell, you can have it like that.

Take It Off (Dim The Lights)
An album track from the aforementioned, and criminally underrated, In My Mind, this smooth R&B jam sees Pharrell proclaiming himself to be “a master baby with your bra” and offering to “help you slide those panties off”. ‘Take It Off’ is also notable for complimenting the texture of a woman’s backside (“Damn that booty’s so soft”) rather than its size. Get moisturising that behind.

Rock Star
Here’s the definitive example of how masterfully N*E*R*D melded rap and rock into fluid swag. Let’s also take a second to remember how cool those Neptunes trucker caps were. Pharrell was setting headwear trends way before that Vivienne Westwood mountain hat happened ya know.

Lap Dance
Whilst Pharrell has described G I R L as being inspired by the power of women, back in the day (and by “the day” we mean 2001) he was all about the strip club and being a “dirty dog”. Funk doesn’t come much filthier than ‘Lap Dance’ and its accompanying video makes every other rap depiction of fleshly indulgence seem shy and retiring.

By Kate Allen

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