5 Perfect Last Minute Gifts For Every Girl

There are two types of people on Christmas:

1. The people who do all their Christmas shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

2. The people who are racing to the mall on Christmas Eve and sorting through whatever is left to give to their loved ones


If you fall into the second category, time is ticking! Lucky for you, we have made a list of the best gifts to get the ladies in your life at the last minute- that they will like much more than the empty picture frame and keychains you were about to purchase from Urban Outfitters.

1. Shoes

Unless the girl you’re shopping for is a mega tomboy (and even then, we have our doubts), EVERY single girl loves shoes. And you don’t have to break the bank to gift some great heels. The Sparklie heels from Steve Madden below are the perfect look for your lady to rock on New Years, and they’re only one of many amazing options for under 100$.


2. The gift of relaxation

Gift a spa treatment or manicure gift-card to your girl for those times when she “literally can’t even.” It’s a perfect gift for her because she probably won’t splurge on these things herself, and it’s the perfect gift for you because you can buy it online or stop into your nearest salon asap!


3. Hair Products

There are things girls want, and there are things girls need; there are also those special things that fall into both categories, such as hair products. With winter’s dry season, products like Uberliss will keep your girl’s hair looking good all season!



Okay, here we go again with a thing that nearly EVERY girl can’t get enough of- wine! Purchasing your girl something like a membership to Wine of the Month Club, will not only make her happy, but seem super thoughtful! And, not to mention, keep her thankful for you every month.


5. Giftcards

Although this may be the cliche last minute gift of the century, it’s really not all bad. (UNLESS you’re shopping for your girlfriend, then you’re a dead man walking) However, if you’re buying something for a friend or family member that’s a chick, most girls will never say no to some shopping! If you buy a gift card to her favorite store, there is still some thought put into it, better than the generic VISA gift card anyways…right?


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