5 NYC Beaches To Take A Date

According to the Zoosk Date index, mentioning the beach when asking someone out on a date in New York City increases the response rate of the person by 4.9x. It makes sense of course, that New Yorkers have a burning desire to leave the concrete jungle and relax on the beach, especially after the ridiculously long winter NYC just experienced. But, are there actually any beaches in and around New York that are worth going to? Here’s the low down on NYC area beaches you should be day tripping to with your summer fling, from the most picturesque, to the most convenient.

1. Coney Island 


Okay, so this isn’t Barbados by any means, but Coney Island is a great place to go on a date. Not only is it the closest actual “beach” available to New Yorkers, but the vintage boardwalk and the carnival rides provides you with plenty of fun and nostalgic ambience to set the mood. Sure, there might be screaming children, but remember how romantic and chic Beyoncé made Coney Island look in her video for “XO”? What’s stopping you from recreating that on your next date? When a $2.75 subway fair is all that stands between you and Coney Island, you really have no excuses.

To get to Coney Island take the D, F, N, Q to Coney Island–Stillwell Ave. 

2. Jacob Riis Park Beach at the Gateway National Recreation Area


Less crowded and less gimicky than Coney Island, Jacob Riis is a national park, so if you’re in the game to experience nature in all her raw beauty, then this is the destination for you. While researching this beach, I also found out that Gateway National Recreation Area also apparently has a lot of Goats in the summer. Um, what’s more adorable than baby goats? Honestly, I am not even half as interested in the beach as I am in the goats. The park is a great place to go biking, and there is also a boardwalk and an Art Deco Bathhouse to see.

To get to Jacob Riis, take the 2 or the 5 to Brooklyn-College Flatbush Ave, then take the Q35 bus to Riis park. 

3. Fire Island 


Fire Island is a little bit more difficult to get to, but its pristine shores, gay night life, and hiking trails offer something for everyone and are worth the trek. There’s lots of wild life at Fire Island to see as well, and if you’re lucky you may spot some deer or a fox. If not, there’s sun, sand, plenty of bars, and amazing restaurants in the surrounding areas. The best part about Fire Island though? There are absolutely no cars or paved roads. Residents and visitors get around exclusively by foot or by golf cart, which means the island is completely devoid of honking horns and exhaust fumes that are oh so difficult to escape in the city.

To get to Fire Island take the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to Patchogue, Sayville, or Bay Shore where you can then catch a 20 minute ferry to Fire Island. 

4. Sandy Hook


A favorite destination for NYC surf enthusiasts, Sandy Hook offers plenty of picturesque and pristine beach views in addition to hiking trails, biking trails, and the Sandy Hook lighthouse. Although it was hit badly and had to be closed back in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook has since recovered and reopened. Sandy Hook is popular with families, so don’t expect any raging night life like you might find at Fire Island. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to picnic and spend the day, however, Sandy Hook is a safe bet.

To get to Sandy Hook take the Seastreak ferry from Pier 11 on Wall Street or East 35th Street and FDR. Seastreak ferries run during the summer season which officially starts May 23. 

5. Cooper’s Beach, Southampton


A little farther than the rest of the options on the list, and a little bit more expensive in terms of eating options once you get there, Cooper’s Beach may take some extra effort to get to and enjoy. But once you’re there, you’ll notice that the water at this beach is indeed, actually blue, and the sand is the closest thing you’ll get to white sugar sand in the Northeast. Cooper’s Beach has actually frequently been rated as one of the best beaches in the entire United States, coming in at an astounding number 2. If you’re heading to South Hampton for the day, bring your bike and a picnic basket. You can ride your bike from the railroad station to the beach front and village and then spend the day taking in the stunning views.

To get to South Hampton take the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) from Penn Station to Jamacia Station in queens. Then transfer to a Montauk bound train, that will take you to South Hampton. 

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