5 Must-See Movies on Netflix this November

An all new month means all new Netflix releases—we’ve rounded up five solid films to cozy up to as the weather gets a little cooler.

1. Twinsters – November 1st

Anaïs Bordier is a French fashion student living in London when she comes across a YouTube video featuring an American actress named Samantha Futerman who bears an identical resemblance to her. After reaching out to her, finding out they were both adopted and born on the same day in the same place, the two embark on a new chapter of their lives: sisterhood. This remarkably fascinating documentary tells the story of two identical twins who were separated at birth and brought back together by social media. Watch and refrain from searching for your own identical twin via Facebook.

2. Do I Sound Gay? – November 3rd

From theaters to Netflix to just a few months, this daring documentary directed by David Thorpe aims to divulge the stereotype of what many call the “gay voice.” After breaking up with his boyfriend, Thorpe finds himself increasingly self-conscious and overly aware about “sounding gay.” Do I Sound Gay explores this concept and features interviews and appearances by Thorpe himself as well as Tim Gunn, George Takai, Margaret Cho and David Sedaris among others. The documentary is an interesting watch for all given both the untouched subject matter and access into the life of an out gay individual struggling with identity.

3. The Midnight Swim – November 3rd

After their mother, Dr. Amelia Brooks, goes missing after diving in a haunted lake, her three daughters come home to settle her affairs. Her daughter June, a mentally unstable documentary filmmaker, leads her two half-sisters Annie and Isa as she films their experience divulging the history of the lake where their mother went missing. Of course, bizarre occurrences ensue and June and her sisters find themselves diving deeper and deeper into an unexpected mystery. This small scale, documentary-style indie could be a hit or a miss, but if you enjoy drama, mystery and thrill, give it try.

4. Anna Karenina – November 12th

This 2012 rendition of Leo Tolstoy’s classic story stars Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Alicia Vikander and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (aka hottie from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, another must-watch) and is directed by Joe Wright. For those unfamiliar with the tale, in 19th-century St. Petersburg, Anna Karenina is the wife of a Russian imperial minister who creates scandal by having an affair with a cavalry officer, Count Vronsky (who is super hot). Cue some serious 19th century Russian drama. Watch if you love the story, romance, attractive men or just a simply beautiful, classical period piece.

5. Dior And I – November 14th

When Raf Simons is appointed as the new artistic director of the powerful and iconic brand that is Dior, director Frédéric Tchang gives us an intimate, behind the scenes look into the creation of Simons first collection for the brand in this sartorial documentary. Fashion fans, artists and non-creative types alike will be into this well-crafted, moving documentary following one high-pressure, high-stress artistic process that culminates in the continuation of a legacy.

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