5 Models (Of Many) That Have Aged Gracefully

Kate Moss turned 40 last week and yet looks as if she could still be going to college with the rest of us kiddies. Yet more proof that models are another breed of animal, blessed with the ability to only grow more attractive as they age. In honor of the beautiful British babe, we have rounded up 5 supermodels (including Kate the great) who only get hotter as they grow.

Kate Moss

The supermodel gained her fame through her youthful, natural looks and maintains that effervescent mystique to this day. The waifish beauty may not be quite the petite sprite she once was, but the hotness is still thriving.

Christie Brinkley

The blonde bombshell is turning 60 this year- yes you heard us correctly, 60! Old enough to be some of our grandmothers. Is there a term for grandmother you would like to f*** because she has most certainly earned it.

Lauren Hutton

The original gap toothed beauty is 70 years old and still an icon of natural beauty and grace. The southern native pioneered the era of the supermodel and still radiates elegance in a time when aging is akin to Satanism.

Christy Turlington

45 years old and still one of the most in demand models in the industry, it is believable that Turlington’s ageless beauty can be attributed to her tea and yoga friendly lifestyle ( though we still suspect she may have souled her soul for her eternal youth).

Adriana Lima

In the modeling industry, 32 may as well be 102. Not so for Adriana Lima. The Brazillian bombshell is still considered one of the hottest women in the world, with a body most 20 year olds would envy. We hope she wont be announcing her Victoria’s Secret retirement any time soon.

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