5 Gifts We Want Give To Lil Kim’s Baby

I love Lil Kim, I really do. Literally her style is the most on point ever. When I heard that she was asking her fans to buy shit for her baby, I was like errr this is a little off point and a bit cringe. I did a little research and it wasn’t nearly as shameless as that, she just retweeted her assistant who had said that. I mean, it’s a bit off but whatever we are not here to defame the Queen Bee, but rather offer our own list of gifts we’d like to give Lil Kim’s baby when it pops out.


Not to be completely stereotypical, but I’m going to be: to complete one’s rapper image one must appear to have/or have money. Being a rappers child is no different. I’m sorry literally ever rappers kid, P.Diddy’s for instance (a bit of a stretch to call him a rapper but whatever), his kids outfits probably are worth more than I earn in a year.


Yo, if this kid doesn’t have a wig on by the time it reaches it’s first birthday, this ain’t no child of Lil Kim’s.


Nipple Tassels
Extremely inappropiate gift for a baby, but it can never not know one of its mothers most iconic outfits. Just to clarify, do not expect the baby to wear to nipple tassels. You know how some kids keep a picture of their parents in their wallet, Lil Kim’s baby will keep a tassel.


Louis Vuitton
The first shot of this baby, should be it wearing head to toe Louis Vuitton to be as close to below image of its mother.


Biggie Album
This is essential. This little baby needs to know who Lil Kim used to ride with. Also, just serves as a history lesson in hip hop and how f***ing sick it used to be and how f***ing sick this babies mother is. Proud moments.


Also, this GIF


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