5 Gifts You Could Actually Be Grateful For This Christmas

When we were kids we got excited for Christmas because of the presents. Now that we’re adults we get excited for Christmas because of the presents. The only thing that changes is the types of presents we get excited for. At five it was a new game or doll or some shit. At 25 our tastes have changed just a bit. Arguments can be made that it takes a bit more to get us excited. I mean sure, playing barbies for hours on end doesn’t quite light our fire, but looking at my presents this year I have come to the conclusion that it takes considerably less to get me excited than as a kid. Here are the presents you should get excited over as an adult during Christmas.

  1. Socks: Maybe I’m alone in this, but as an adult it seems that my socks disappear faster than my money. I don’t wanna buy them myself, so getting them as a present is pathetically exciting.
  2. Starbucks Card: I hated getting Starbucks gift cards as a kid, I didn’t want a piece of paper saying I could get free coffee, I wanted toys and gadgets. Now all I want is a piece of paper saying I can get free coffee.
  3. Kitchen Supplies: What kid in the universe would ever want to get new silverware or bowls or pots or pans? None. The thought of getting kitchen supplies now almost gets me sexually excited.
  4. Luggage: Who needs luggage as a kid when you have your parents to carry your shit for you. But when I went to buy myself some luggage for a trip I was going on and saw that price tag, luggage was put at the top of my letter to Santa.
  5. Clothes: Kids don’t want clothes, they want things to play with and entertain themselves. A few years down the road and all I want is for people to fill up my closet. Apparently clothes are way more expensive when your parents don’t pay for them.

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