5 Funniest Moments From Jimmy Fallon’s Tweet Segment

Social media is a battlefield. It is a world where anyone and everyone becomes a public figure, therefore they are open to cruel and cunning critiques. For those who are well known celebrities, social media is 10% self-promotion, 40% fan base and about 50% hate. Some of the twitter comments out there are so cruel that you almost want to take the celebrity in question home for a few good drinks to wipe away the tears. However, some of these hate filled tweets are hilarious. Jimmy Fallon even created a segment for his show featuring celebrities reading these mean tweets out loud! His musician-centric session of mean tweets was particularly entertaining. Here are five of the funniest moments from the segment.

“John Legend seems like he cries after sex”: Followed by John Legend letting out a good cry of his own. The funny part of this tweet is that it is true… Still it must have hurt to have it said publicly. At least he was a good sport about saying it on television! If we want the truth though, we will probably have to ask his spouse, supermodel Chrissy Teigan. 

“So Adam Levine is old”: If anything gets better with age, it must be 34 year old People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, Levine. If he is in fact old, what then must be his secret to scoring 24 year old, Victoria’s Secret model and fiancée Behati Prinsloo?

“Lil Wayne looks like a crabapple”

To which he replied, “I don’t know what a crabapple is. F*** all of y’all”. Great comeback Lil Wayne. Aside from calling someone a crabapple being possibly the strangest insult of all, it is also pretty untrue. Is it even possible for someone to look like a fruit?

“My big question about the Fall Out Boy reunion crap- is Pete Wentz still a twat?”

According to Fall Out Boy- yes, yes he is. To be fair, that was probably everyone’s big question about the Fall Out Boy reunion.

“2 Chainz looks like Whoopi Goldberg… #truuu”

He does look like Whoopi Goldberg. Clever, hilarious and cutting. Twitter hate at its finest. Celebrities put themselves out there to be loved, hated and commented on. But if you are going to put your opinion out there for the masses, at least make it funny!

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