5 Of Our Favorite Girls On Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List

Yesterday marked the annual drop of Forbes 30 Under 30 list, a comprehensive compilation of 600 of the world’s most pioneering entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators nominated for their work spanning 20 categories, including finance, the arts, media, education, and science. Judged by experts based on their field (Sophia Amoruso and Sarah Jessica Parker judge style, Mac Miller lends his ear in the music category), the list also happens to feature some of our own favorite girls. If you haven’t gotten to know them, here’s your chance—you’ll be seeing them a lot this year.

1. Ashley Graham: the plus-size model calls herself a body activist, working to create an accessible market for plus-size women that make up over 50% of America.

2. Aimee Song is everybody’s favorite style blogger, who got her start as an interior designer. She’s a quintessential story of millennial success—Instagram has played a huge part in promoting

3. G.E.M. is China’s top-selling female pop artist, who got her start on the show “I Am A Singer” and quickly transitioned her fame through YouTube, and establishing herself as a global pop star.

4. Selena Gomez has had a tough time this year and come out on top every time—with a Lupus diagnosis and incessant tabloid slams, Selena’s made a point to prove herself as a musician in her own right (Let’s go ahead and count “Good For You” as the banger of last year).

5. Lauren Conrad just gets props for still not being 30 years old. How is Lauren Conrad not 30 years old yet?

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