Our 5 Favorite Celebrities Who Give Back To Charity

When you think celebrity, you generally think two things, that they’re super attractive and that they have a shit ton of money. However, people also think that because they have a lot of money they just spend it on themselves and buy Prada and caviar and whatever else rich people buy. But that’s not always true. There are some pretty selfless and badass celebrities out there. They use their status and privilege to help those less fortunate. Here are some of the most charitable celebrities out there…making us even more jealous of how awesome they are…

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher: This comedically-inclined couple just donated $1 million to aid Syrian refugees. Are they looking for a new best friend? Cause I love them.

John Legend: Not only does he make me wanna listen to his music all day, but he also raised over $495,000 for various charities aiming to aid women and girls. *Sighs*

Beyonce: She has donated to, launched, or aided basically every charity out there. It’s no wonder she is our world leader.

Taylor Swift: She has donated all of the proceeds from her music video “Wildest Dreams” to wild animal conservation efforts in Africa. She’s not just America’s sweetheart, she’s the world’s sweetheart.

Matt Damon: He co-founded Water.org, an organization that aims to provide clean water to developing countries. Is there anything he can’t do? No.

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