5 Favorite 90s Cartoons

As we get older it becomes more and more apparent that 90’s nostalgia is a permanent condition. Which is why any 90’s reboot is enough to get us hyper with excitement. So the fact that Hulu is bringing back a few of our favorite 90’s cartoons is pretty much the best news of the week. The only confirmed show so far is Ren & Stimpy (we are already shuddering at the creepy images we are going to rewatch for that one), but here is a list of a few others that we hope we can binge watch on Hulu soon.

Powerpuff Girls
Whether you were a cutesy Bubble or a peppy Blossom ( I was personally a mini-goth Buttercup), everyone had an adorable female superhero alter ego from this show. A progressive, feminist kids show this was one of the many Cartoon Network show that pushed the envelope in all the right ways.

Beavis and Butt-Head
Beavis and Butt-Head pretty much invented that particular brand of teenage slackerdom that was a mix of laziness and brilliance and often lead to some pretty dope adventures though their days always ended on that same couch. Friendship goals?

Hey Arnold
Looking back, the kids featured on this show were actually way cooler than they should have been. At only 9 years old they were already hipsters with social lives that included downtown costume parties, trysts with older girls and way more diversity than you see in any cartoon nowadays. We wouldn’t have minded hanging out with the kids of Hey Arnold.

Daria was our first cool goth girl inspiration as a child. Now as young adults, we are finding that Daria’s particular brand of dry-humored cynicism is even more relateable than ever.

South Park
Still going strong and still shocking parents everywhere. South Park is one cartoon that continues to define a generation of brilliant, boundary pushing television. And, of course, it was born in the 90’s.

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