5 Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try Out, Like, Yesterday!

There are two sorts of people who truly interest me as far as makeup goes. Those who look absolutely flawless with a bare face, and those who wear their makeup as if they were a Jessica Rabbit or a 1990’s riot girl. I myself am quite lazy with my makeup. I don’t wear very much of it, but like any other girl, I collect it as if the apocalypse were about to occur and the world were soon to be bereft of all makeup. I love collecting one of a kind makeup and on nights that I go out, I love to showcase a new face, full of unusual, slightly frightening and definitely unique makeup. There has been an abundance of unique makeup trends this season, and here are my top 5 favorite looks that I will personally be obsessing over this winter.

1. Black Lipstick: Starting out as a favorite only of goth girls (such as myself) and emo kids, black lipstick is becoming increasingly more common among the population. Recently popularized by Rihanna, MAC and Saint Laurent, I personally love the lipstick because it can make lips look more full, and create an air of vintage seduction. Do not wear too much eye makeup with this look, and make certain to keep applying throughout the day. Faded black lipstick is NEVER cute. Other than that, wear with confidence and sex appeal and you are all set my gothic lovely! I recommend Make Up Forever brand.


2. White Eyeliner: I never would have foreseen myself becoming a fan of this trend but I must say, if white eyeliner can make baby-faced Emma Roberts look hot, than who am I to judge. White eyeliner can make eyes look larger and more seductive, and as you may know by now, I am always a fan of upping my seduction. I use Make Up Forever brand for this as well.


3. Raccoon Eyes: Ever since the Punk Met Gala this year, makeup has taken a turn for the bedroom eye look. As I have said, I tend to just smear my makeup on in the morning, so this look is particularly appealing to me.  I love them on Taylor Momsen and on the runway for Louis Vuitton and applying them is as easy as rubbing black eye shadow all along the rim of your eyes. I recommend MAC Dark Soul for this look.


4. Pink Eyeliner: I wore this look on Halloween and have been craving a daily trial ever since. Worn on the runways for Stella McCartney and Anna Sui, this look makes it impossible not to have attention-grabbing eyes. I love MAC fuchsia eye shadow. Apply around the rims of your eyes and at the corners.


5. Bold blush: I am a little bit afraid of this one, I am embarrassed to say. I never wear blush, but of course it always makes your cheekbones look fabulous. I was inspired by the looks at Burberry and Blumarine this fall to try this out for myself. It is very ethereal fairy meets 1980’s CBGB—meaning exactly my style! Go with Benefit shades for this.

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Written by: Amanda Lang

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