5 Easy & Free Ways For The Busy Babe To De-Stress

When you are a busy betch, you can easily get stressed out and overwhelmed by school, work, family, relationships, and just life – which can make you want to pull all your hair out! Here are five easy tips to help you not experience self induced hair loss and not end up on a Bosley commercial.

Best of all? They’re all free and won’t take up space on your phone.

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1. Take Time To Have Thots

Take an hour to thirty minutes every day to be thankful for the little things. Be thankful that you were able to get up the morning and stretch, be thankful that you were able to get up and take a shit this morning, and be thankful for that one dreaded messy hair day. When you appreciate little things, you are able to further appreciate everything and feel happy which reduces your stress levels, which is always lit.

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2. Use That Bedtime Feature On Your Phone

Always try to get as much sleep as possible. I know you are probably thinking, “How the hell am I gonna do that if I am already too busy?” Well, I am glad you asked.

Whenever you have free time – and I mean, like, five minutes – do a little bit of work. Such as at school during your lunch break, do a little bit of homework so you won’t feel overwhelmed with work when you get home. Plus, the same way most of us wake up with an alarm in the morning, set an alarm to go to bed at night and make sure it’s close to 6-8 hours of rest.

I know you are probably saying “I haven’t had a set bedtime since I was 10!” But trust me, girl, do it. Then, thank me later.

3. Don’t Feel Guilty About Treating Yo’Self

Treat yo’self! Rewarding yourself in moderation is the key to making yourself feel better. Let’s say you just had a bomb ass workout and you are craving some pizza. Go get some pizza. Or, you saw a shirt at H&M that is just to die for. Buy yourself the shirt if it makes you feel happy, because that is the most important key to success: happiness *DJ Khaled Voice.*

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4. Get Off The ‘Gram

Log off of social media for at least one hour or more a day. A lot of us don’t realize that not finding happiness with ourselves has a lot to do with comparing ourselves to others. When scrolling through social media sources, we tend to highlight the features and traits of others that we don’t have, making ourselves not feel worthy or beautiful. This is, in a word: bad!

5. Have Some Balance, Baby

I know we have heard the same old played out saying, “you are what you eat,” a million times, but no matter how cliche it is – it is so true. Eating fruits and veggies and a well balanced diet will give you loads of energy and confidence, and it just makes you feel good.

We all probably know how it feels to overeat and how sluggish and tired you feel after you eat all that food (I’m pretty sure we have all experienced this at Thanksgiving once), but that is never good for your body or you. Now, honestly, I know how hard it is to be able to exercise and eat right when you are always on the go and very busy. But, being organized can help. Meal planning, grocery lists, and setting goals for the week can definitely help with these issues.

Incorporating each of these five tips into your daily life can help you become a healthier and stress-free you and can help you become and feel bad asf!

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