5 Dating Mistakes Not To Make Over Thanksgiving Break

1. Letting Your Boy Troubles Change Your Appetite

The only thing more important than spending time with your family over Thanksgiving is making sure to eat as much as possible. First off, you need to fill your belly up with as much free food as you can, because all you can afford to eat at school is Ramen and Chick-fil-a. Second, is there anything better than steaming plates of stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce? Probably not.

If you can’t eat because you just had a horrible break up, get over it. If you are trying to stay thin for a guy that only dates size zeros, dump him. If your new boo has convinced you that going vegan is the way to live, forget everything he’s ever said while shoving honey-roasted ham in your mouth.

2. Hooking Up With Your Ex Boyfriend From High School

Thanksgiving break can get lonely. Sure, you have your whole family around, but sometimes you have other “needs” that your little cousins can’t satisfy (unless you want to go to jail). When your ex boyfriend from the 11th grade hits you up saying “Hello” as if he’s Adele, you can humor him…but don’t hook up with him. If he wasn’t good enough for you in high school, it’s very unlikely that he’s good enough for you now. All old relationships are better left in the past, it’s time for you to move on to bigger and better things.

3. Getting Clingy To Your New Booty Call

Maybe you just met an awesome guy a couple of weeks ago and you’ve been texting non-stop. However, once you go home for break it seems as if he’s suddenly ghosted you. Not cool. But, before you start breaking out the Ouija Board, consider the fact that this dude might actually want to spend the holidays with his family. A dude who’s close to his family is always a keeper, and instead of sexting you, he might just be tossing the football with his grandpa. However, if he doesn’t hit you up at all over the break? You’re probably just a booty call that he doesn’t care about talking to unless you’re within hook-up radius.

4. Misinterpreting A Dude’s Constant Texting 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a dude is texting you constantly all weekend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s trying to wife you. He might just be bored as hell and hoping you’ll send him nudes so that he doesn’t have to login to Pornhub on his parent’s wi-fi. Or, he might have drunk too much wine at his family dinner in attempts to get through his great aunt Susan’s rambling about gun-control.

5. Suddenly Wishing For a Relationship

It seems that as soon as you walk into your grandparent’s house for dinner, every single family member is asking about your love life. It has come to the point where you don’t know what’s more pathetic, admitting that your love life is nonexistent, or making up a fake boyfriend. Not to mention that your little sister brought a guy home for Thanksgiving this year, making you look (and feel) even more single (as if that was possible). Instead of trying to wife the next guy who booty calls you or asking Santa for a boyfriend, just ask for another slice of Pecan Pie.



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