5 Really Bad Dates You’ll Have To Endure In Your Lifetime

Netflix and Chill has officially been oversaturated in this world. If there are guys still getting laid by texting girls “Netflix and chill 😉?” they must be really damn sexy. However, before Netflix and chilling became a phenomenon, there were other “dates” that were equally as pathetic (and ideal for dudes trying to get their nut without spending a dollar). This game totally changes once you’re actually in a relationship with someone, but if your latest Tinder match tries one of these lines? Un-match him immediately.

1. Come Play With My Dog

This is a classic. Guys think that girls love dogs so much that they’ll be distracted by the cuteness rather than realizing that the dude put absolutely no effort into trying to take her out. Instead, the guy gets a free dog-sitter while he watches your tits bounce as you play fetch with his dog. After his dog gets tired, he’s hoping you’ll play a little game with him too…

2. Come Drink

Okay, fine, this dude might be spending money on the 12-pack of beer or bottle of Barefoot he purchased for the “date.” But, we all know that the reason he’s willing to spend money on alcohol is so that you can get you drunk enough to think that it’s a good idea to sleep with him. Unless he’s willing to provide food with his drinks, he might as well invite you over for “roofies and chill.”

3. Come Watch The Game

Unless you are actually a sports fan (and not one of those fake sports fans that only becomes interested in sports once men are in the room), then what kind of idea is this? Would you invite your crush over to come watch Scream Queens? Probably not. This is just a way for him to do what he already wants to do, and hopefully get laid afterwards.

4. Come Cuddle

I don’t care how cold it is outside, your body is not providing me with anything that my snuggie won’t. Besides, I’d like to find one guy who actually just wants to cuddle. Because last time I checked, cuddling doesn’t entail him pulling his dick out.

5, Come Help Me With ______

I wish I was lying when I say that a guy has asked me to come over and fold his laundry as a pick-up line. What makes them think that we’d want to help them with their chores/homework/etc., let alone suck their cock? I swear, some men think they are God’s gift.

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