5 Celebrities You Need To Be Following On Snapchat

So far, 2015 has been a great year for Snapchat with everyone who owns a smartphone downloading it, the best app for narcissism in our modern world next to Instagram. With options for text, drawings, filters and geo-tags, Snapchat has taken daily photography and videography to another level, giving people more and more reason to keep their eyes glued to their phones and to document every encounter with weather, food and friends. It’s an excuse to go to the gym, wear makeup at home or send nudes with the comfort of knowing people won’t save it without your knowledge (or who specifically has screenshotted and saved it forever)!

All of this aside, I’m in no way saying it isn’t awesome and that I am not an avid user. I will admit that I have snapped selfies when my hair looked good and documented the avocado toast I made this morning to make myself look like a master in the kitchen. It is an incredibly fun way to indulge yourself, but also a way to keep up with others. With the story feature of the app, we’re not just sharing our lives – we have access to millions of other people’s daily lives. Recently, some celebrities have taken to the app to document an inside look at their existence that is much more personal and up-to-date than the likes of Instagram or Twitter, making it a compelling way to follow them. Here are a few celebrities that you should be following (if you aren’t already) that have notable and frequent Snapchat stories.

1. Kylie Jenner


As if endless seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, sporadic Twitter drama, lip-filled (literally) Instagram selfies and general absurdity weren’t enough for you, you can, as of April, follow the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan on Snapchat @kylizzlemynizzl to keep the party going. Expect a lot of annoying yet captivating selfies, rambling stories about inept Uber drivers and insecure weaves and cameos by famous siblings and friends. Catch the 17-year-old’s boo-thang, 25-year-old rapper/porn director/father of one, Tyga on Snapchat @lamboluxury so you can really get the full effect.

2. Rihanna


The baddest bitch in the game joined Snapchat a while ago and has maintained her reputation as such. With her entourage in tow and someone else always documenting the action, you can join RiRi on her R-rated escapades from backstage to the club and, as of recently, to a (very turnt) bingo night. Add her Snapchat handle @rihanna to see which corner of 1OAK she’s in at 4 am or hear what song she’s bumping while hotboxing the Porsche.

3. Jared Leto


Catch a glimpse of life through the eyes of 30 Second’s to Mars frontman and Oscar winning actor Jared Leto as he spends his phone battery documenting time on the road, capturing the everday from his unique perspective with artful snaps of trees, birds and pretty much anything he sees. Most recently, his Snap-stories have included selfies of his entirely bleached head and face for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad. But it is really his selfie snapsterpieces where he takes his selfies to the next level by adorning them with candy colored scribbles and tribal patterns that make him a true Snap-star. Tap into Leto’s weird world of sight-seeing and self absorbtion @jaredleto.

4. Waka Flocka Flame


Even though he was denied presidential candidacy for being under 35, rapper Waka Flocka Flame is still worth a follow on Snapchat. A big fan of the app, he seems to have fully embraced the lifestyle of a documentarian as he shares all facets of his day to day experience. Watch through the eyes of @wakaflockaveli as he snaps literally every second of his life from cooking bacon and eggs in the morning to driving his step daughter to dance class to smoking a blunt and head banging as he yells “pu$$y ni&&a” along to one of his songs in the studio.

5. Ryan Seacrest


While he is not the most frequent Snapchat-er, @ryanseacrest’s stories pick up momentum during award shows and big events in entertainment so with patience, this pop culture maven is worth a follow. Seacrest takes his Snapchat viewers backstage for exclusive chitchat and content with all of the top stars in film, television and music, giving viewers the most up-to-date, behind the scenes snapshots and backstage information the second it goes down.

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