5 Bra Secrets For Girls Blessed With Big Chests

Anyone who’s ever said they wished they had big boobs has clearly never dealt with the struggle of finding the perfect fitting bra.

Because, you know, if you don’t have big boobs, you can splurge on $40 bralettes from Urban Outfitters or just YOLO and run around with no bra.

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Granted, if you’re on the big-titty committee, you can do these things too, but it’s not always as pleasant. I mean, you try walking down the steps to the subway with two boulders swinging from your chest — that shit hurts!

Instead, you want a bra that is comfy, supportive, and won’t fuck you over when the going gets rough. But how to find one? Well, we got tips from Psyche Terry, Bra Expert & Founder/Designer of Inspire Psyche Terry, to lay it out for your next shopping trip.

1. F The Spaghetti Straps

If the straps aren’t wide, don’t put your boobs inside.

“Uber thin straps aren’t going to cut it when properly supporting D+ bustlines,” explained Terry. “Make sure you pick a bra that has wide, plush straps to offer the comfort and support you need — without digging into your shoulders.”

And, obvi make sure the straps are adjustable, because duh.

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2. Bands Make Her Dance

This is a secret that will save your bra from giving out on you too soon, remember it well.

“When trying on bras, look for one that fits with the back band set on the loosest row of hooks,” says Terry. “Your band will stretch out and loosen with wear, at which time you can gradually tighten it by moving onto the inner hooks.”

Another trick is to make sure your back band is running straight across your back, parallel to the floor. If the band is riding up (a common mistake people make), you need to loosen the straps or go up a size.

3. Save Your Straps

Obviously, you want your straps to sit tight so your boobs sit right, but after lots of wear, your trusty bra’s straps may start getting loose — even on the tightest adjustment.

Instead of ditching your fave bra, Terry recommends using The Strap Saver, which will help your bra last longer and help you save dat $.

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4. Don’t Add Extra Bumps

It’s happened to the best of us, we put on a tight t-shirt over a bra, look at our silhouette in the mirror, and realize that our bra is digging into our boobs, adding an extra bump where there shouldn’t be.

“Your bra cups should always align flush with your breasts — they should never dig in,” warns Terry.

If you’re dealing with this issue, try sizing up in either the cup or band.

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5. Suds It Safely

Washing your bra is hard, which is why some of us avoid it as often as possible. Unfortunately, with summer coming up, that’s not really an option, so if you want your good bras to last, you need to wash them correctly.

Check out our in-depth guide here, plus Terry recommends Soak, a delicates scrub for hand-washing that makes it easy.

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