5 Bombshells Who Arent Afraid Of Philanthropy

If someone asks you if you care about the world, you’re clearly going to say yes (unless you are an alien with a home on Mars unbeknownst to us). We all try to recycle when it’s convenient, we occasionally give the homeless guy on our block a dollar or two, and we buy organic food from Whole Foods. However, we got a lot of shit going on in our own lives, can you really tell me the last time you did something beneficial for society? I bet many of you can’t, including myself. Thankfully for us less than perfect members of society, there are these badass celebrity babes that have the money and time to contribute to our world- and look great doing it.

Galore Mag - Philanthropy

1. Rihanna – Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? We’re willing to bet no. Last night was no exception, as she hosted the first annual Diamond Ball in honor of the Clara Lionel Foundation and looked like a complete bombshell in a red Zac Posen number. Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel foundation in honor of her grandparents, the foundation “works to improve the quality of life for communities globally in the areas of health, education, arts, and culture.” To begin, Rihanna has donated generously to the hospitals in Barbados and plans to continue doing so as her foundation gains momentum. Bad Gal Ri Ri, you go girl!

Galore Mag - Rihanna - Philanthropy

2. Angelina Jolie – While she may face mockery for her affinity to adopt children from all over the globe, there is no questioning that Angelina is a huge supporter for a multitude of charities and causes around the world. Jolie’s personal vendetta began while filming Tomb Raider in Cambodia, which led her to personally reach out to The UN in protest that they provide more protection for Cambodian refugees. More recently, The Jolie-Pitt Foundation works to eliminate extreme rural poverty while protecting natural resources and wildlife, as well as providing funding for medical aid in underdeveloped countries. Talk about a power couple.

Galore Mag - Angelina Jolie - Philanthropy

3. Salma Hayek – Salma Hayek works primarily towards a cause that isn’t across the globe, but happening in our own neighborhoods: domestic abuse. Hayek resides on the board for V-Day, an charity founded by playwright Eva Ensler, which raises money for victims of domestic violence and abuse. Hayek also testified before the U.S. Senate in her support of the Violence Against Women Act.

Galore Mag - Salma Hayek - Philanthropy

4. Kristen Bell – Kristen Bell is pretty damn lovable, which is probably why Invisible Children loves her so much that they created a “I Love KB” shirt to sell and raise money for their foundation. They may also love Kristen for her dedication to their cause in so many ways, including auctioning off a date with her to raise proceeds for Invisible Children. Other supporters of the cause include Rachel Bilson and Sophia Bush, also regulation hotties.

Galore Mag - Kristin Bell - Philanthropy

5. Jennifer Lopez – In a world laden with “Teen Moms” that become porn stars, it’s nice to see celebrity moms that actually, ya know, know what they’re doing. Last year, J. Lo was honored to receive March of Dimes’ Grace Kelly award for being a parent role model and supporting women giving birth to healthy children. In the past, J. Lo has also teamed up with Amnesty International and also donated generously during Hurricane Katrina while using her fame to encourage fans to donate as well.

Galore Mag - Jennifer Lopez - Philanthropy

We’re always emulating celebrities, whether we’re doing endless squats in pursuit of J. Lo’s booty, or attempting to pull off Rihanna’s sexy-edgy style. So why not take a page out of these beauties books and find a cause worth fighting for? We may not have the spending accounts to donate large sums of money or the designer gowns to wear at charity balls- but, hey, it’s cool to care.

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