5 Bizarre Nail Polishes Worth Experimenting With

Something every girl has in common? The constant boredom of the same old colors we can choose from during our bi-weekly trip to the nail salon. In a female’s lifetime, we are destined to experiment with our polish at least a couple times, and that’s why I’ve rounded up 5 of the strangest/most epic/lol-causing nail polishes to exist. Check em out, but seriously… TRY EM OUT!


1. Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat – Fur for your finger nails? As long as it’s faux!


2. Nails Inc Magnetic Polish – Hopefully it draws in the hotties!


3. Revlon Parfumerie – This is one of the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.


4. In The Mood – A polish that tells you when you hate the world? LMAO!


5. Fifty Shades Of Grey By OPI – This is both self explanatory and very sexy.


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