5 Things To Do When You’re Hungover

There is nothing worse than waking up in pain. Not just any pain, but a pain that radiates through the body, mind, and maybe even soul. Yep, I am talking about a hangover. While you may have been having the time of your life drinking your 9th vodka-soda last night, you are paying for it the next morning (or afternoon). These days seem completely hopeless, you have absolutely no motivation to do anything, let alone get out of bed. So, we crafted this nifty list of the best thing’s to do when you wake up hungover and (hopefully) alone.


1. Brunch

This is the obvious choice, especially for a New Yorker. The only motivation I have to get out of bed on a Saturday after heavy-boozing generally revolves around some concoction resembling french toast or bagels and lox.


2. More Alcohol

Sometimes, bacon and eggs are not enough to cure your ailments, and brunch leads you to cure your hangover with more alcohol. It starts with an innocent mimosa or bloody mary, and soon, you’re day-drunk. While this is a risky move and takes some balls, we’re all for continuing last night’s fun. And, the best thing about being day drunk is that you can usually sleep the hangover off.


3. The Gym

I am probably going to be hated on for saying this, but there are those certain mornings where going to the gym with a hangover (or, preferably, while still drunk) is a blessing. Waking up feeling like ass can very surprisingly be cured with a nice little run through central park. I am not saying sign yourself up for 8 am cross fit class, but take my advice as you will.


4. Netflix

If you’re going to stay in bed all day, at least entertain yourself. Reading is a little too strenuous, and we all know that there is nothing good on TV these days. So, ask your roommate to fetch you some water and immediately dive in to some endless episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.”


5. Feel sorry for yourselves (together)

When you have the pleasure of living with or close-by to someone you know who is sharing your hangover pain, get together and complain about it! Sometimes, laughing at how embarrassing and ignorant you were both last night almost makes you feel better.


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