5 Best Quotes From Bee Shaffer’s Interview With Teen Vogue

While Anna Wintour may be one of fashion’s most illusive figures, shockingly, even fewer people know about her 26 year old daughter Bee Shaffer. The New York City bred Shaffer works in the entertainment industry and is rarely seen in fashion society except to attend the Met Gala every year with her esteemed editor mother. This week Bee gave an interview where she talked a bit about herself and, most intriguingly, a bit about growing up with the fashion worlds most famous magazine maven.

“People feel superior if they get up early”
One thing that Bee inherited from her mother is a penchant for early morning rising. The curvaceous brunette dished that her mother will go to bed as early as 10 pm, rising again at 6 am while she herself goes to bed at 11 pm, and gets up at 7. Apparently being an early bird gives you a sense of pride in yourself that night owls rarely experience. Maybe it’s all of those glorious sunsets?

“I felt really bad for my date”
Bee spoke about a few of her favorite Met Gala looks, pinpointing one Nina Ricci number that was so voluminous that not even her date was allowed to get near her. She rode to the Gala in her own limousine and lamented that her date couldn’t even come near her to give her a hug!

“I’m not very optimistic or sunny”
The New York native was apparently not meant for LA due to her horrific parking and her dead pan New York attitude. Perhaps some of Anna’s legendary coolness rubbed off on her daughter after all.

“I’m 5’5 and have huge boobs”
Despite being raised in the offices of Vogue, Bee never felt a pull toward the fashion industry. Speaking about her own basic sense of style and the fact that she doesn’t have the stereotypical fashion body. “I’m not going to wear the same thing as like Karlie Kloss” says Shaffer.

“She’s a boss”
When addressing Wintour’s famously intimidating attitude, Shaffer insisted that while Wintour is very professional and gifted with delegation, she is a lot more generous than most people can see. Then again, it’s probably different when the ice queen is your own mother.


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