5 Beauty Products To Accompany Your Fall Reading (Yup, That Says Reading)

With autumn arriving, only one thing matters: looking smart. With fall staples come scarves, glasses, and sweaters—they’re looks that say, “I love coffee, conversation, and curling up with a good book.” And with which book could that be? If you haven’t read Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, there’s no better time. Sure, it’s probably the most depressing book of all time—Didion is a writer more capable than any of ripping your heart into shreds, only to piece it back together at her will. And this book is about losing her husband and daughter. But it’s also a book that solidifies Didion as a writer capable of writing about any subject—in this case, grief—in most painfully intelligent way possible. And because it’s Joan Didion, who, at the age of 80 is the face of Celine, is also known for being a style icon, it’s especially important for you to look good reading it.

Here are the 5 best-tested products from our beauty closet: eye cream and moisturizer are clutch while the seasons change—Dr. Lancer’s sensitive skin method makes my favorite new moisturizer, which I apply in tandem with Indie Lee’s calendula eye cream. Jane Iredale Mascara is a great option, as it expertly coats your lashes individually for awesome volume without any excess clumping. Charlotte Tilbury, a brand that Kylie Jenner cites as a staple, makes amazing matte lip colors, and Very Victoria is a neutral brown that’s perfect for a solo reading session, a book talk, or you know, an actual date.

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