5 Awesome (And Awkward) Things That Went Down At This Years AMAs…In GIFS!

Last night, all the world’s biggest celebs gathered to celebrate the most pointless award show all year, the American Music Awards! Here are 5 of our fav awesome and awkward moments from the night:

5. Lady Gaga looking kinda normal for once

…but she DID arrive on a big, fake horse…so yeah..

4. Christian Aguilera being not fat

Shout out to X-tina for not eating so much and looking hot for the first time in awhile..you go, girl!

3. Rihanna’s growl face

Not sure what was going on here but we’re not mad at all.

2. Taylor Swift’s obligatory white girl dancing

It’s not an award show if Taylor isn’t front row and center dancing like a white girl at her middle school dance

1. Miley’s crying pussy!

Miley’s crying kitty stole the show! You LITERALLY just wanted to reach up there and make it feel better…get better, kitty!

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