4/20 Friendly: 5 Music Videos For Stoners To Watch

4/20 this Sunday peeps. I’m terrible at smoking weed, as I’m sure a lot of us are. In fact one of my friends said “you’re just not a stoner at heart, and you never will be”. This actually hurt my feelings, I felt so uncool because smoking weed and being good at it is really cool- like I really believe this statement. I recently ate a weed lollipop and became an ad for an anti-weed campaign. So in order to redeem my uncoolness, I’m going to prove I know what stoners should watch. I’ve compiled a list of 5 videos & songs that are great to watch when you’re high or they might just be videos I like to watch all the time. But F*** IT, happy 4/20.


Bjork- Venus as a Boy
Every Bjork video is worth watching. I have no idea what she’s singing about, but there’s animals and eggs in the video so it’s weird enough that you’ll find it awesome when stoned out of your mind.

Yung Lean- Hurt
Most white rappers are terrible, which is mostly due to fact there’s only 5 so there’s not much talent to chose from. It’s hard to tell if Yung Lean is actually good or not but who cares, he’s music is hypnotic which makes me sound like I have a crush on a boy who’s 19 but this video is trippy and reminds of this one time when I got high and it was actually fun.

Mac Demarco- My Kind of a Woman
The next two artist will be of color. There’s something really hot about Mac, I dunno what. There are certain artist you can imagine doing something else, like Katy Perry- if she wasn’t famous would music really be different? No, the answer is no. But with Mac he has created his own space in music that so many people are drawn to, even gangsta rap heads like myself (try and take this description of myself seriously.) ALSO he sounds like David Bowie or one of those people from that time. This song is so good, and great high sing a long song, or so I would imagine.

YG- Left, Right
I’m obsessed with YG. Also any video that gives you a short film before the song starts gets weed brownie points. I have no idea what the guys are saying at the beginning, but whatever, I’m into it and into YG, and really want YG to be into me. And apparently LADIES, according to his lyrics, he knows “all the right spots to be that punani wet”.

P-Nut- You Might Be the One
If you want to hysterically laugh when high then you have to get on the child rapper flex. Start with Lil P-Nut, who’s like 15 now or something so he’s not a child anymore- this is besides the point, get stoned an unearth the joys of kids that are way too young making music that unsurprisingly sucks. This video is SO weird. There’s always something uncomfortable about a young child having a relationship, let alone rapping about it. I could talk about the morals and all this shoot but f*** it this shit is so funny.

Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson is the Online Editor at Galore Mag. She specializes in slow jams, gold jewelry, fried chicken, and hating. Follow @FrankieFatGold

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