4 Worst Moments From Last Nights Grammys

There were many great moments last night during the 56th annual Grammy Awards, but of course there were plenty of bad moments. More boring and confused moments than we really want to admit to. We enjoyed the Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk collaboration so much that it left us asking “can you guys do a tour? But, an entire Grammy show can’t be that exciting. Here are our 4 worst moments of last night’s show.

Pharrell the Park Ranger
Speaking of stupid hats and attire, Pharrell was lost in a fashion hell last night. We are assuming the only way he could get out wasn’t to make a deal with the devil, but by wearing a red leather Adidas jacket, hiking boots and a big brown box-like hat. 2014 Smokey the Bear chic? Doubt it. Within minutes the goofy hat had it’s own twitter account.
Hunter Hayes
Who is this kid and why is he performing on the same stage as artists like Jay Z and Paul Mccartney? Is he the long lost child of Isaac Hayes? What next Screech from Saved by The Bell at the Oscars? He song notes wrong and forced me to turn the channel and watch Bob’s Burger.
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
It’s a sad day in music when Macklemore wins not one, not two, but 4 Grammys. Not that he’s terrible, but 4 Grammys? Yes, his performance was great and the fact that he had same-sex couples getting married in the aisles was great, but 4 Grammys? He even won for best rap album of the year. The occurrence was so odd that Macklemore himself texted Kendrick Lamar “you got robbed”.
Madonna’s Amish Paradise
Doesn’t Madonna practice Kabbalah? Then, why did she arrive last night looking like an Amish man? Yes, full Amish get-up including a big brim, black felt hat. To add to her weird attire, she was wearing golds on her teeth. Nothing says trying to hard, like a white woman, old enough to be a grandmother, wearing open face gold fronts.
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