4 Ways You Obsess Over Him On Social Media

If you’re anything like me, you treat feelings like the plague. You and your friends make jokes like “I’ve caught the feels,” and you deny to the end that you have any emotional attachment to the guy that you shacked up with after spilling red franzia on him three weekends ago.


However, while you can deny to the death, there is another way that you can tell if your current boy toy means more to you than you’re willing to admit. Here’s Galore’s Guide to how to know if you’ve fallen deep, as told by social media.

1. He’s your top searched friend on Facebook: It’s not your fault his mom hopped on the Facebook bandwagon full force and keeps uploading pictures of their family vacations (which are way sexier than his drunk, frat party pictures anyways). Just one more longing stare at his biceps with the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower won’t hurt anyone.


2. You actually watch his snapchat stories in their entirety (and turn the sound on): While you rapidly tap through the endless photos of Chipotle burritos and “hot dog or legs” beach selfies, you find yourself actually watching (or staring) at his snapchats for the full duration of seconds. Not to mention that if it’s a video, you may get to hear that sexy voice of his.


3. You want to comment on every single one of his Instagram photos (particularly with some form of the heart-eyed emoji): If he does post an occasional selfie (occasional being the key word), it’s sexy as f***. If he posts a pic with the bros, you’re checking out his friends to see which of them you can set up with your friends. If he posts something else, you’re just silently commenting on how athletic/smart/sweet he is. But obviously, 90% of the time you’re solely giving the photos a quick “like.”


4. His twitter doesn’t make you want to strangle yourself: Maybe it’s my cynical personality, but the majority of things I see people tweeting, ESPECIALLY guys, make me hate them. Either it’s a constant feed of comments on the current football game, endless twitter conversations with the bros, or some other phrase involving “sick”, “chill”, or “drank.” The only thing better than you’re current boo thang not having a twitter (because I would rather my current love interest not see the vulgar things I tweet), is him having a twitter profile that you actually find yourself retweeting willingly.


Well, there you have it ladies. As much as you want to, like me, pretend that you don’t give a shit about the guy you’re currently texting. These tell tale signs may have you realizing otherwise. Just stay sane, and please don’t send him a relationship request.

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