4 Ways To Retaliate Against Internet Trolls

With the tidal wave of social media that has taken over our culture as of late, there is a coinciding parasite that has emerged: the Internet Troll. Sometimes they are someone you know hiding behind the screen of a laptop. Sometimes they are a complete stranger who has some insecurity they need to get off their chest. One thing is for certain though, no matter who you are, you can still be hurt. We see it all the time on models’ Instagrams, celebrities’ twitter feeds, and on our own Tumblr pages. No one is safe from the Internet Troll. But worry not my lovelies! There is plenty that you can do about it. Here are four ways to hit back at those internet villains.

Do not keep it on the DL

Some of us may be tempted to keep their hate quiet. Oddly enough, that is probably what the troll wants you to do. Keep your torture private, delete their messages. Take no screenshots. That way, they are not held responsible and you have no support or backup. My advice is this: Post their evil messages, tell your girlfriends so that they too can defend you against the bully. There is strength in numbers babes! After all, haven’t you ever seen the Craft?


Laugh with them

When the bully insults you, they want to see you cry. They want a reaction. But what they may not want is something unexpected, a giggle. If they think they can make fun of your outfit on Instagram, “Is that from the dark ages or something?” Reply with a witty response a smiley face icon, “yes it’s from Queen Mary herself, and she would vomit on you if she ever witnessed your lack of civility!” The best comebacks will leave them speechless or better yet, force them to unwillingly admit defeat with the always pathetic response of: Shut Up.


Kindness kills

Behind every internet bully is an unconfident, probably chubby sad sack with a personality complex. They are not happy, which is why they want to bring you down to their level. This is all obvious grade school blather of course. You came here to learn how to defeat them right? Well here is a simple response, say something nice. They comment that they can’t even look at Facebook anymore because your status’ make them so angry. Encourage them “not to leave on my account.” Trust me, nothing will enrage them more. The power of the smiley is severely under-appreciated.

Give no response and keep on posting

The best response? No response at all. Pay them no mind. Let their comment sit there and just keep on posting. Keep your Instagram filled with fabulous food and clothes. Keep your statuses proud and positive. After all, the best revenge is always to live well and prosper. 

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