4 Ways To Celebrate The Superbowl This Sunday

This Sunday’s Superbowl XLVIII will take place in New Jersey and feature the Denver Broncos playing against the Seattle Seahawks. Everyone is gearing up to see Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars take to the stage for the halftime show and there is quite a bit of stoner pride going on for the two states to legalize Marijuana going at it for the Superbowl. But the important question is… where is the party at? Here are four ways to celebrate the Superbowl this Sunday.

Sports Bar

If you are too lazy to throw a house party, too broke for the club and attractive enough to have someone buy you a drink, the local sports bar is the place for you to be. Pound a couple beers with some good friends, soak up the booze soaked spirit of your fellow bar crawlers and cheer on your Superbowl favorite.

House Party

If anything is worthy of a house party it is the Superbowl. And since the two teams playing are the states that legalized marijuana, some marijuana infused snacks are certainly in order. Pot sprinkled popcorn, classic pot brownies and some weed baked mac and cheese to celebrate this once in a lifetime event. A couple of beers, some good friends and the game playing in the background? It doesn’t get more all American than that.

Smoke some weed

If you don’t have a way to celebrate the Superbowl this Sunday, just grab some buds ( and some bud) and get high. You don’t have to be a football fan this year to participate in the Superbowl. As long as you have a bowl of your own, Colorado and Seattle will be with you in spirit.


There are plenty of nightclubs throwing Superbowl themed, star studded events in the city this weekend. If you are willing to shell out $950 you can party with Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima at the Liberty Theater in Times Square this Friday. Or for $916 you can watch Jay Z perform at Pier 40 on Saturday night. But come on ladies, you know that with sex appeal and the right promoter, money is never an issue for these sorts of things.

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