4 Things Your Thoughts About Miley Cyrus Say About You

This past weekend was Miley Cyrus’ 21st birthday and everyone was waiting for the racy news the morning after. How would she celebrate? A coochie flash? A violent paparazzi attack? Maybe her and Mike Will would (finally) hookup. But no, Miley tweeted some pictures of her birthday bash and what did it include? A baggy gray sweatshirt, cute dogs and some rainbow cake. I guess that when you party hard and shock all day everyday then a big 21st birthday doesn’t seem to hold quite as much excitement. But, of course people were ready and waiting to bash Miley anyway. Who wears a sweatshirt to their birthday party? How gay was that cake? It seems that Miss Cyrus is the sort of celebrity who always invokes an emotional response. So, here are four of the most common responses to Miley Cyrus, and what they say about you.


1. Love Her: For those who love Miley Cyrus, she is an inspiration. A pillar of confidence and inner strength. She never seems to give a f*** about other people’s opinions. For the most part, those who love Miley are non-judgmental individuals. They are open to change and wish to be original in the personality which they project to the world. They are in the process of evolution and development. The development of self confidence.

2. Indifference: This is not particularly common but truly, some just don’t care what antics Miss Miley gets herself into on a near daily basis. Normally this means that you are simply not in the age range to be interested in celebrities in general but otherwise this just means that you are of a more serious character, usually studious and probably a homebody. I don’t want to say this means you are boring but…


3. Jealous: If you are jealous of Miss Cyrus, you are not the only one. I am jealous of her too! How could you not be? But there are different forms of jealousy. Positive jealousy, resentment, possessiveness. For the most part, people tend to be resentful of Miley above anything. This usually points to a lack of confidence and a misplaced brand of misogyny. The sort that says that a lady must cover up and act demurely in public.

4. Hate her: Those who hate Miley Cyrus are the polar opposite of those who love her. They are not open to change. They fear growing up. They fear change in others. For these people, they cling to the expectations that they developed of her when she was a child. They cling to the expectations of others that are drilled into them by society. They are not the sort to voice they’re opinions. In other words, they are the polar opposite of Miss Miley.

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