4 Things Not To Do After a Break-Up (That You REALLY Want To Do)

Breaking up is hard to do… especially when you’re the one mourning the relationship. When combating heart-break, we seem to fall into the same bad habits, bad habits that are literally the exact opposite of what we should do to help our aching heart- and show our ex that he’s an idiot. Here are the things you need to try your best not to do, I promise, you’ll thank me!

DON’T: Black-out the next three weekends
I know that alcohol really does solve all your problems, and after my last bad break-up, the bottle was my new boo. However, looking back, I was still super unhappy when I was sober, and blacking out and going home with a different guy every night- or waking up alone in all of my clothes with a bowl of popcorn, was not bringing me any close to getting over my ex. In fact, it led me to occasionally getting so drunk that I texted him, or worse- he saw me looking like a fool at the bar, doing god knows what (or who).


DON’T: Sleep with his friends

Revenge is sweet, looking like a bitter/pathetic ex is not. Guys are shit-heads, and every time I break up with a dude his friends start hitting me up. While this can be tempting simply because there’s always that one friend of your man’s that you secretly want to bang… it ends up looking like you did it out of revenge, and contrary to many girls’ beliefs, guys DO NOT get jealous and then start liking you again! If they see you hooking up with your friend, that’s just going to solidify in his mind his decision to break up with you.


DON’T: Drown in Ben and Jerry’s

Don’t cry over a guy, do some squats and make him cry, wishing he still had that ass.” This quote is great because breaking up with a guy is just some great motivation to direct your anger into a kick-boxing class and look really f***ing hot next time you see him. Instead of drowning your tears in cheese-fries and feeling pathetic, hit the gym and get some endorphins to make you feel f***ing awesome.


DON’T: Begin dating someone else immediately

While re-bounding fast might seem like the perfect way to get your mind off your ex, you end up just comparing the new guy to your ex in every way and missing your old dude more. You need to learn to love yourself before you can have a good relationship, so start “dating” yourself. When it’s time for a new relationship, it’ll come to you.


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