4 Super Exciting Things Coming Up To Distract You From Evil NY Winter

With awards season and Fashion month officially over, the next few months are looking a bit boring! What are we going to do without the sight of 10 foot models walking around the city? Where will all of the celebrities go? Worry not, there is still plenty to look forward to:

St Patrick’s Day
The biggest drinking holiday of the year is upon us. As well as the green themed day bar crawl. Better start prepping your liver now my loves, New York bars are famous for their two for one shot specials.

With weed being almost practically legal and our President being a stoner himself this day is sure to be a lovely day of smoking, munchies and mania.

Festival Season
Coachella, Lolla, Bonnaroo etc! Festival season begins this May. All our favorite indie bands and rappers converging to celebrate good weather! Look forward to scantily clad hotties, the finest weed, and general good vibes.

Summer Vacay
Good weather, good friends, open beaches and barbecues await you this season. Buy a bikini and get blazing kitties, it’s going to be a good three months.

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