4 Reasons You Are Missing Out If You Don’t Give Head


Before you ask, yes I am a girl. This is not some secret ploy by a dude to get more chicks to suck cock, I promise.

But, seriously. If you’re a chick and you don’t give head, you truly are missing out. Here’s why:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

I hate to call you ladies out, but I have a feeling that the reason you may not like giving head is because you don’t really know how to give head. Because the girls that love to give head are the girls that know they’re damn good at it. You can’t be scared of putting a penis in your mouth for your whole life! And if you plan on it, good luck to your future husband and/or sex life. How else are you going to get comfortable giving head than practicing? No guy expects you to be a professional cock-sucker, they’re just happy you’re putting it in your mouth to begin with. If you need a few tips on what not to do; read this.

2. Your Dude Will Reciprocate

Lots of you ladies seem to complain about dudes not going down on you enough, and that’s a shame. But, are you going down on him? If you are and he’s still not reciprocating, then maybe have a little talk with him…But, if you’re not going down on him and expect him to go down on you, you might be a bit of a hypocrite. Don’t give me the whole “dick is dirty” shpiel, because I know you’ve eaten cookies off the floor with the ‘5 second rule’ and swigged out of random champagne bottles at the club after 30 other people sipped on it. Besides, if you can tell me that you thoroughly clean your pussy every damn day, then I will be very surprised (and impressed).

3. You’ll Burn Calories

If you are just laying there in bed and taking it, not only is your man going to call you a cold fish to his friends, he’s going to be bored. Not to mention, you’re probably not going to get off that way (but that’s for #4). The best way to have sex is to go all in (or balls deep, no pun intended). Let your freak out and get into it, because that makes for better sex. If that’s not enough reason, the more energy you exert during sex, the more calories you will burn. Sucking cock is not easy, but if you do a good job, you’ll make it look easy (and burn off that double cheeseburger while you’re at it).

4. You Might Even Get Yourself Off

Why do guys like giving head? Because watching you get off gets them off too. You should like giving head for the same reason. The better your head game, the more you’re going to make a guy squirm, moan, and praise you forever. Watching a guy lose his shit is fucking sexy, I don’t care what you say. And, if you’re a good multi-tasker (which you should be, if you’re a lady), then you can put one hand down there and start getting yourself off while getting him off. Not only will it make a long blowjob go by a lot quicker, but maybe you’ll even both cum at the same time.

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