4 Reasons Why Laverne Cox Is One Bad Bitch

Allure’s annual Nude issue is always exciting (I mean who doesn’t want to see hot celebrities bare all), but this year is better than ever because one of our favorite bombshells, Laverne Cox is stripping down! Although she was hesitant to be included in the issue and reportedly turned down the offer multiple times, she eventually gave in. She told Allure:

“Black women are not often told that we’re beautiful unless we align with certain standards. Trans women certainly are not told we’re beautiful. Seeing a black transgender woman embracing and loving everything about herself might be inspiring to some other folks. There’s beauty in the things we think are imperfect. That sounds very cliché, but it’s true. I honestly just want to make myself happy most, and if other people like it, then that’s great. If they don’t, then I’m still happy.”


Her powerful statement and rocking photos from the shoot should be reason enough, but here are more reasons why we <3 Laverne Cox.

1. She is Our Favorite Character on Orange Is The New Black 

Sure Piper and Alex, you’re great and all, but where would the show be without Sophia’s words of wisdom and hair-styling skills?

2. She Was The First Transgender Person Nominated For an Emmy Award

If you didn’t believe that she was one of the best characters on OITNB, The Emmy Awards say otherwise. Laverne has pioneered as one of the first openly Transgender people to do many things, such as grace the cover of TIME magazine.

3. She Works Hard For The Trans Community

It’s not all Hollywood and glamour for Cox, she also spends her time writing about transgender rights (not to mention giving some hella good makeovers in her VH1 reality show, ‘TRANSform Me.’ She was given the Stephen F. Kolzak Award by GLAAD for her work in the transgender community.

4. She’s Writing a Memoir 

In case you can’t get enough Cox like us, Laverne has confirmed that she is writing a memoir which tells her story from elementary school (when she first knew she was not meant to be a man), to her quitting her restaurant job only a year ago!


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