4 Reasons Why Lana Should’ve Been Nominated for a Grammy

This feels like Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar drama all over again… are we being punk’d or something? Lana not only released an amazing album this past year, she is a queen with a cult following for many valid reasons. The list of Grammy nominees is unimpressive to us. After all, how many f***ing awards can Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” be nominated for? (Not that we don’t love that song). I’m just a little perplexed as to why something with as little musical creativity as “Anaconda” is nominated for an award whereas not a single one of Lana’s beautifully crafted tracks from Ultraviolence made the cut. How about they release the list of who decides these things next, and then I can write some angry complaint letters in my free time…

Galore Mag - Lana Del Rey - Grammy's

1. She is QUEEN Lana

If you are a Lana fan, you are a die hard Lana fan. The amount of woman-crush-wednesday’s dedicated to this woman must be some type of record. Lana’s fans know they’ve found an amazing artist to listen to, and if the Grammys were based on public opinion rather than the loser voting members for the Grammys Lana would have it in the bag.

Galore Mag - Lana Del Rey - Grammy's

2. She’s not a sell out

Sadly, we watch many of our favorite artists turn from their original sound to what will sell more records and be played on the radio. Lana has such a unique, old school, sultry sound, that she hardly fits into any sort of genre, let alone makes music fitting for a radio station. However, Lana has stuck with this sound throughout her career, which makes her more deserving of recognition for her originality and sticking to her guns.

Galore Mag - Lana Del Rey - Grammy's

3. Her album was actually amazing

I am not some blind Lana super fan over here, although it may sound like I am.. I genuinely enjoyed every single song on Ultraviolence. Yes, there were certainly some that I liked more than others, and I’ll admit that the entire album is a bit melancholy, but that’s what Lana is so amazing at! The album displayed a range of styles and sounds, and the fact that the Grammys failed to see this shows that it really is a “cruel world.” (pun intended)

Galore Mag - Lana Del Rey - Grammy's

4. She wrote a national anthem for us

Although “National Anthem” wasn’t on her last album, let’s not forget Lana’s patriotism over here. No offense, but half of America probably hasn’t even heard of some of the nominees for the Grammys this year. Meanwhile, we have lovely Lana pouring her heart out FOR OUR COUNTRY and getting ignored? Is this justice? No, no it’s not.

Galore Mag - Lana Del Rey - Grammy's

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