4 Places You Definitely Need To Try Doing It With Your Man!

The most frustrating thing, is getting in a sexual rut with your guy. You still find him attractive, you still want to bang his brains out, but it has become a job. You go to work, you get your juices flowing, you finish, you roll over slightly unsatisfied. There are multiple reasons why this could happen. Your mind could be elsewhere, you could be growing bored of each other. Or perhaps the scenery has just become too familiar. Before you swap out your man for a newer model, we recommend swapping out the setting. Just as traveling the world can provide a new outlook on life, traveling your naked bodies could make you see each other with new eyes. Here are four places you should do the deed in order to keep yourself out of sexual rut.

1. Against a wall: In all of the sexiest movies, you always see one party ramming the other against a wall in a fit of passion. Doing it against a wall suggests spontaneity, unbridled passion and just the right amount of force and violence that is needed to make sex the animalistic pleasure it deserves to be.
2. In the shower: People always rave about the beach, the hot tub a pool. To be sure, doing it in water in divine. The parts slide together more naturally than you could ever hope. But hot tubs are unsanitary breeding grounds for bacteria and the chlorine in a pool is never good for the goods. Beaches get sand in all the wrong places and so– a shower is the perfect in between space. All the pleasure of water and you can feel yourself getting cleaner rather than dirtier. Trust your sexual chemistry to get you guys as dirty as you need to be.
3. In your childhood bed: There is nothing like bringing a little debauchery into a once sacred paradigm of innocence. Your bed is where you feel the safest, a connection to your past. There is nothing more romantic than trusting that childlike piece of you with someone who makes you feel like strong, full grown woman. Pile it high with stuffed animals and dress in a little bit of gingham with nothing underneath and you have yourself a kinky little setting going. Just don’t call him daddy.
4. Outside: One popular fantasy that does live up to the hype, is doing it outside under the stars. Cheesy yes but maybe it is just the girl in me that can’t help but get all wide eyed and romantic about the thought of a picnic blanket set out in a grassy field. You feel wild, untamed, infinite. When you open yourself up to him, you are opening yourself to  the world. You feel that you are doing it before the eyes of all of the gods of nature, heaven and earth. No sexual rut stands a chance.

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