Holi-Date: 4 Places To Meet ‘Home For The Holiday’-Worthy Dates!

November 1st marks the beginning of many things: Actual cold weather, shorter days, and most importantly, holiday date hunting season! With Turkey day just weeks away, its time for us single girls to start thinking about who we want to bring home this year in order to avoid the inevitable “why are you still single?” talk with mom. The ideal date has to be someone that you’re not embarrassed to introduce to the parents, so no, he can’t be that one guy that gave you coke in the bathroom at some bar at 4 a.m. Check out 6 places you need to check out to meet the perfect holi-date below!

4. Coffee shop
Those guys that are sitting with their Macbook’s while sipping a macchiato are great candidates for a holidate. Just make sure he’s not there because he couldn’t afford his wifi bill this month.

3. Farmer’s market
You really are what you eat, right ladies!? Also, if he’s shopping in a farmer’s market he can probably cook, too!

2. Art Gallery
Art guys are the perfect accessory for a trip home. Their knowledge of art will charm the figurative pants off your parents, and probably the literal pants off of you!

1. Library
Quintessential smart guy hang out spot…Intellect galore!

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