4 Of The Most Memorable Music Festivals

Music Festivals have changed a great deal since the fateful day of Woodstock 1969. Since that congregation of music, freedom and youth, festivals have become almost a rite of passage for the young and carefree. A chance to forget the real world for one day and listen to the music that soothes their soul year round. It truly is spectacular. Groups of people of any age or gender mill around in a vacant valley to listen to a diverse array of bands while dressed in the oddest of garb. For one day, all that exists is the music. There have been many festivals that have left their mark on history, some a mark of hope, others a mark of carnage. Here are four festivals that history will remember forever. Woodstock The first and greatest festival of them all. For one day in 1969, history’s most iconic bands gathered together to deliver a message of peace and prosperity. In a nondescript farm in upstate New York the likes of the Grateful Dead and Jimmi Hendrix gathered together to a chorus of unclothed hippies. The world may never experience such a convergence again.woodstock-1969-photo-2 Electric Zoo 2013 The Electric Zoo carnival is an EDM festival open to all ages. For the most part, it is a rave. A relatively tamped down rave where young 13 year olds in fluorescent bras dance sweatily in a fully legal venue to DJ music played in most nightclubs throughout the city. Last year though, the lack of mommy and daddy got a bit nasty for two of the young adults in attendance. On the second day of EZoo last year, a 20 year old and a 23 year old overdosed on Molly, thereby cancelling it for the third day of music. Will EZoo resurrect next year? It may, its reputation however may not. Altramont In 1969 a counterculture rock festival was held on the Altramont Speedway in California. It was a free concert headlined by the Rolling Stones with security by the Hell’s Angels. Yes the famous motorcycle gang was commissioned to keep the peace. For obvious reasons, this dowspiraled into a disaster of historical proportions. Riots occurred between the Angels and the concert goers and eventually one of those in attendance was brutally murdered. It was a tragic way to end a decade of bohemian love culture. Mysterland A newer festival straight from Europe occurs once a year in the same farm that once held Woodstock. It is a DJed event where those in attendance are encouraged to appear in costume and tents are provided for those who hold their golden ticket. This generations Woodstock. Not at all, that would be blasphemy to the original. But it is certainly an event that those religious attendees take a degree of pride and freedom in experiencing.

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