Are You a Slave to Blogs Like Us? Then Check Our 4 Favorite

With the world of fashion bloggers slowly cannibalizing the magazine world, the young stylistas of our generation are seeking out inspiration more and more from the internet. There is a veritable universe of options to choose between, from the fashion hungry poseurs who simply follow the flock, to the truly inspiring and unique who are quickly becoming the new “it” blogs, here is a guide to some of our favorite fashion pages on the web.

1. Le Blog De Betty
The French based female culture and style blogger, Betty Autier, features international brands such as Nasty Gal and Topshop as some of her outfit inspirations as well as plenty of lovely shots of the city of Paris itself!;

2. Meet Me In Paree
Nikita blogs straight from Paris. Her very European style reaches from her Audrey Hepburn esque outfits, all the way to her healthy, yet decadent food posts. Bon Appetit!;

3. Felice Fawn
The gothic blogger princess found fame at first through tumblr by way of her graphic depiction of her eating disorder struggles mixed with her dark and sensual look. Now her blog features everything from her original photography to her beauty trials.;

4. Gary Pepper
Nicole Warne, the genius behind Gary Pepper is an Australian model, stylist and collaborator who blogs about everything from food to fashion to her own personal experiences in the fashion world.;

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