4 Models To Watch This Season

By now, there are a few names which have become synonymous with beauty, youth, fame, and fashion. Karlie, Cara, Jourdan, Joan. We have heard them so often that they are practically Oxford English Dictionary terms. But what about some of the beauties who have fallen unfortunately into the background. Here are a few dark horses who we are hoping to see a lot more of this season.

Daphne Groenveld

A big name girl a couple of years ago, she was being seen everywhere from Dior to H&M. The 19 year old Dutch babe fell off the radar recently due to a probably puberty related weight gain, but with lips like those we haven’t seen the last of her yet (hopefully!)

Ali Michael

Once the most coveted model in High Fashion, this American beauty has gone incognito the past few seasons. If it weren’t for her eccentric tweets and recent work with Sephora, we would think she really had been abducted by that UFO ( see Twitter profile). We hope to see the 23 year old brunette beauty back on the runways this season at New York Fashion Week.

Kelly Gale

The 18 year old Australian, Indian, Swedish transplant recently made a splash on the Victoria’s Secret runway this year and is now making her way across the blogs of fashionistas all across the board. Will she grace Lincoln Center with her tawny skinned presence this Spring? We will see this week!

Edie Campbell

The 24 year old Brit has been a Marc Jacobs favorite since shearing her long blonde locks for a more chic, modern jet black boy cut and we simply cannot get enough! Marc may not be visiting the city this year but we are holding out hope for Edie.

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