4 Models That Aren’t Actually Models

With television shows such as America’s Next Top Model, The Face, and Models of the Runway it shouldn’t be so surprising that the public is left with the notion that “anyone” can be a model. Top Model is the biggest culprit of them all, making themed seasons such as Petite Models and College Models. These days it seems that all you need is a celebrity connection and a single quirky feature to make it big, e.g., Lily Aldridge, Cara Delevingne. That said, lately the bar seems to be set lower than usual. Here are four celebrity models who seem to fit the bill.

Kendall Jenner

Upon turning 18, Jenner starred in her first high fashion shoot for noted Victoria’s Secret photographer Russel James. However that may be, does that maker her “legit”? 1950’s supermodel Gita Hall doesn’t seem to think so. “5’10”? That’s tall enough. But how thin is she,” asked Gita. “I had to be super-thin, and well, I never tried (to lose weight), because I just didn’t gain weight. I was one of those people who could eat like a horse and it didn’t matter.” This is not necessarily reason enough why the elder Jenner sibling couldn’t make it as a model. After all, successful models such as Lara Stone and Crystal Renn have made it with much more curvaceous figures than Jenner. Hopefully Jenner has a bit more going for her than just a famous family.

Lottie Moss

At only 16, she made her debut in a spread for Dazed magazine. After signing with elder half sister Kate’s agency, Storm, the young model has generated quite the controversy on whether she is getting gigs due to talent- or a famous name. Like Kate, Lottie is a bit on the shorter side (5’5 to be exact) but does she have the same unique brand of talent that made height a non-issue for Kate?

Ireland Baldwin

The daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, has been a social media guru for some time now. Famous for her candid Tumblr posts as well as her impressive height of 6’2, the 18 year old signed with IMG in March 2013 and has been getting steady work since with photographers such as Bruce Weber and Patrick Demarchelier. If any of these celebrity models can be given credibility, it is Baldwin with her coltish height and high-end fashion spreads. We will reserve judgment on this blonde bombshell until further notice.

Chantel Jeffries

The term “model” turns even looser with Jeffries. Better known as Bieber arm candy up until his recent DUI, Jeffries appears to be more of a Tumblr girl/ Instagram babe than a true model.

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