4 Fall Beauty Trends

Get prepared early with these beauty pointers for fall season!

Nothing says fall is on it’s way like deep plums, berries, and reds on our pouts. A lip stain is perfect because the color lasts all day, it provides solid pigmentation and with the fall breezes kicking up you never smear any of it. Most cosmetic companies carry a lip stain, so finding one in your price range wont be hard. You can take the stain right into winter by layering a balm underneath or over top, stains don’t really have a “finish”​ so you can balm it up and not worry about ruining your look.
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The fall is an amazing opportunity to experiment with beauty because you have the perfect weather for it, never worrying about sweating and ruining your makeup look. So now is the perfect time to start playing with different brands of mascara without being bound to “waterproof” formulas only. Layer on mascara like Galore favorite, Twiggy.
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Coming in for the cooler months means you don’t really have the opportunity to show off your slamin’ bod, in turn show off your gorgeous face. This is the season to play up al the fun makeup products in Sephora you always tell yourself you have no reason to buy. Pack on some glitter shadow with an adhesive such as eye drops. The liquid makes the glitter or shimmer stick really well and last all day or evening.
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Summertime is for light shimmery locks, fall is for deep and sultry tresses. Take your color to the next level by going a few shades darker. Dark hair dyes tend to make your hair super shiny so its kind of a win, win. While you play up your eyes, your dark hair will stand out. Everything is better deeper.
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