Halloween Must-Haves: 4 Essentials For Halloween Party Hopping

Halloween is my favorite night of the year. The fashion (black, vinyl, stripperware), the parties (there is nothing better than crazy outfits and illegal substances), the spirit (I once witnessed a mummy humping Joe Jonas in the middle of 8th year was destroyed by the hurricane and I intend to double my night of fun this year to make up for lost time. I expect to be out all night and I expect everyone else to join me in this endeavor. Now if you are to pull an all nighter of these sorts of proportions, you had better be prepared because 12 hours is a long time and you never know where the night will take you. So here are the 4 most important items to bring with you on your night of mischief:

1. A candy bar: I am sure you were not expecting that to be the number one item but as I said, 12 hours is a long time, you will be hungry and you will probably be drunk. So what better way to fend off those two annoyances than some quick sugar in a delicious and portable form? My favorite are classic Hershey’s.


2. Eyeliner: Seems obvious but there are a couple of uses that you may not have thought of for this tool. Sure you can use it for makeup touch ups but they are also good for quick fix, costume uses! Draw cool designs on your arms or whiskers on your face and suddenly you have two or three costumes set for the night of party hopping ahead! You don’t want to be caught as the same character everywhere you go, do you?


3. A whip: Well it IS Halloween after all. This whip will have three possible uses: One, as a perfect costume accessory. Two: a weapon against seedy characters, and Three: well, if you have to ask, maybe you aren’t ready for the third use yet…


4. Disposable camera: Not Halloween themed necessarily but obviously you will want to document your night and if it is as wild as it should be, who knows what might happen if you are clutching your phone all night. And besides, disposable pictures always look so much cooler than iPhone photos.


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