32 Thoughts You Have When You Find Somone Who Actually Wants to Date You

In the age of endless and easily accessible hook ups, it can sometimes feel a little hard to believe when you find someone that actually wants to date you– like old school style in a serious relationship. In the event that you actually want to be in a relationship, it may have been a while since you came across someone who shared the same desire to actually date each other, and give each other the title of girlfriend or boyfriend. When you finally do come across one of these people, you’re probably thinking all of the following thoughts, let’s be real, but don’t let the rareness of a potential significant other cloud your sense of self. You’re perfectly dateable, and this type of “traditional” set up perfectly acceptable– as long as it works for you.

  1. This person…wants to date me?
  2. Are they sick?
  3. Is this real?
  4. They definitely…don’t want to just have sex on a regular basis, right? Did I miss something?
  5. I should double check
  6. *texts* So you definitely want to date me, right?
  7. *texts* In a totally exclusive relationship…right?
  8. Oh shit, they replied… yes…???
  9. If this is a prank I swear to god I’m going to…
  10. *reads* “I seriously want to date you”
  11. What the fuck?!
  12. Is this a dream?
  13. Or an alternate universe?
  14. Are they sick?
  15. Oh my god, what if they have a terminal illness?
  16. Do they think I’m going to be their sugar mama or something?
  17. Or, are they having a quarter life crisis that’s making them question their life choices and propelling them towards a romantic safety net?
  18. All of these doubts are slightly out of hand though.
  19. Because, I’m totally dateable.
  20. Like, let’s be real– I’m hot, smart, and not at all desperate.
  21. I even have a job.
  22. They’re so lucky that I even agreed to date them, I mean, we do live in the age of endless options for sexual partners.
  23. Wait…
  24. Should I even be agreeing to this?
  25. Or, should I keep swiping through my tinder feed?
  26. No way…
  27. Right?
  28. Right! This is crazy, they’re totally perfect for me…that’s why it makes sense for us to date.
  29. In an exclusive relationship.
  30. Where we only have sex with each other and stuff.
  31. This is normal. Totally normal.
  32. I think?

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