32 Thoughts Virgos Have Before a Date

It’s officially Virgo season (Happy Birthday, Virgheaux), it’s your time to shine and with Jupiter finally in your house it’s likely that you finally are able to. Good things are in the air for Virgos right now, and it’s likely that you’re finally going to be able to move on from whatever was holding you back romantically for the past year. That means, it’s time for you to get out and start going on dates with new people and exploring new romantic interests. But, we know how hard that can be for you, Virgo. Like Beyoncé, who shares your sign, you’re known to get a little bit crazy over the details of things. A word of advice to all you Virgos embarking on a date in the coming weeks– just chill. You got this. But we know all of the following will be running through your head regardless:

1. Literally cannot handle all my anxiety over what is about to happen, I have so many questions and like, zero control over this situation.

2. What if we run out of things to talk about?

3. Can I spend 2+ hours with an almost-stranger and keep them entertained?

4. What if they think I’m boring?

5. Wait, what am I talking about, are they going to be able to keep me entertained?

6. And what if they’re boring?

7. Okay calm down, you’ve already jotted down and reviewed your 25 item list of potential topics of conversation three times, you’re going to be totally fine.

8. And don’t forget, you memorized their entire bio and resumé on linkedin, so if all else fails you can always ask them everything they’ve ever done professionally.

9. That might not really be great date conversation, though?

10. Oh no, what am I even thinking?

11. God, is this supposed to be fun?

12. Okay, okay, just relax. And FOCUS. It’s going to be totally chill.

13. Just don’t spill anything on yourself.

14. And try not to be so awkward.

15. Or overshare. Absolutely no oversharing.

16. I wonder what they’re going to wear.

17. Am I overdressed?

18. Maybe I’m under dressed?

19. It’s drinks so I could be either or depending on what type of bar this is.

20. I KNEW I should have picked the place myself.

21. Next time…
22. Okay but I really need to chill!

23. There is no way this is that big of a deal. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.

24. But, should I hug them when I see them or kiss them on a cheek? What’s the appropriate date greeting?

25. Has anybody written a book on dating etiquette that isn’t antiquated and misogynist, because, that would be really helpful right about now.

26. *googles it*

27. Shit–I’m going to be late. I definitely want to get there before my date does so I can sit down and orient myself, get a feel for the vibe. Possibly buy an entirely new outfit from the H&M around the block in case I’m not dressed appropriately…

28. Okay, cool, this place looks cool. Casual. I’m totally fine.

29. Of course, I am though. What was I worried about again?

30. Okay now that I’m here let me just go over this list of conversation topics again…

31. Oh shit– I didn’t even find out when they were born!

32. They better not be a scorpio!!!





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