30 Thoughts You Have When He Has A Tiny Dick

30 Thoughts You Have When He Has A Tiny Dick

1. Wait…

2. No way

3. This can’t be

4. After looking at his big hands for so long, I really expected more

5. He even wears a size 13 shoe!

6. Maybe he’s just not hard yet…

7. I should be sexier

8. But, like, he seems to be into it…

9. Is this why his last girlfriend cheated on him?

10. Do you think he knows that it’s small?

11. It kind of explains why he’s so muscular…he must be over-compensating..

12. Maybe he will get harder if I suck his dick?

13. Hmm…still tiny

14. But hey…it looks like I can suddenly deep throat!

15. Sucking dick is kind of fun now, check me out!

16. Oh no…I think he wants to f*ck now

17. Is it even worth it?

18. Like for real, what if I can’t feel it?

19. Wait, it’s about the size of the boat, not the motion in the ocean

20. No, no, it is about the motion in the ocean

21. He’s a pretty big dude, I’m sure there will be some motion?

22. Oh, what the hell

23. Could he be thrusting any harder to make up for his lack of size…

24. I mean, it actually does feel pretty good though

25. Should I pretend that it’s big? Or is this just a lost cause?

26. At least I won’t be sore tomorrow

27. Hey, maybe he can put it in my butt since my last boyfriend was way too big

28. I’m so good at looking on the bright side

29. So good…so, so, so…good

30. F*ck yeah, that tiny dick just made me cum.

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