3 Ways To Survive The Holidays With Your Family

While the holidays are filled with joy, presents, and hot chocolate, they’re also filled with family, and they can be annoying.  Growing up I was the only child every at Christmas, so it was me and my adult family members in a small town in Northern California for five days. I was the center of attention and while that seems like a blessing as a little kid, when I got older, it just got suffocating. I constantly wanted to see my friends or just really anyone under 50, so I had to learn to deal. Here’s how you can too:

  1. See (or at least talk to) your friends.

Hanging out or texting your friends will definitely help with being stuck with your family.  Even if it just for a few minutes, seeing someone who isnt related to you can ease the pain. Be careful not to be on your phone too much though–that’s the number one way to get even more unwanted attention. 

  1. Avoid talking politics.

If your whole family has the same political views as you, then this shouldn’t be a problem.  But if that isn’t the case, then it is best to avoid the topic.  No one wants to get into a bitter argument during the holidays.  Family time doesn’t need to include the topic of Donald Trump or terrorism. Stay clear of the touchy topics.

  1. Watch Christmas movies!

I truly believe that no matter what holiday you celebrate, Christmas movies can be magical and fun for everyone. Not to mention, you won’t have to speak to anybody in your immediate surroundings. So put on Rudolph or Home Alone and try to imagine that you really are, home alone!

Remi Riordan of Crybaby Zine is a regular contributor of advice for high school girls (and everybody else). 

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