3 Ways To Avoid Being Basic

Nothing tells you it’s a new year more than the countless amount of statuses or photos on your feed captioned ‘new year, new me.’ They might as well just have a big blinking sign saying that they are a basic bitch. Well that is just what you don’t want to be. 2016 is bringing in a new era that values and appreciates individuality and uniqueness more so than ever before. So instead of putting ‘eat healthier and workout more’ or ‘live life to the fullest’ at the top of your New Years Resolutions list, put ‘don’t be basic’ instead and everything else will follow. Here are some ideas to help you stray from pumpkin spice lattes and bathroom mirror selfies.

1. Take an hour off from technology every day.

This may seem impossible for some of you or just plain old deranged, but think of all the ways you could use that hour. You could use it to do that workout resolution you probably already broke or you could use it to actually read a book or even spend time with the fam. Whatever you choose it will be good for you to not spend so much time choosing the perfect filter or obsessing over your follower count; there’s more out there for you.

2. Do some research on other coffee shops to go to besides Starbuck’s.

Okay so not all of you are obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes or caramel fraps, but we all probably spend too much time or money in Starbuck’s than we should. Switch it up, check out the smaller, more independent coffee shops in your area. Not only will you learn more about your neighborhood, but you have the opportunity to meet other people who aren’t Starbuck’s zombies and you’ll probably get way better coffee.

3. Meet at least one new person per week.

Basic means the same ol’ same ol’, doing the same shit and never leaving the boring comfort zone. By meeting new and interesting people, you can learn about new thoughts and ideas and not end up with same group of party girls doing the same shit every weekend. This isn’t a contest to be popular or find the most friends, but to expand your horizons as a human being. Definitely not basic.

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