3 Things Your Man’s Face Should Look Like After He’s Eaten You Out

Eating pussy is an art form in itself. Proper tongue placement, suction, and eye contact are all important factors to consider when a guy takes a trip downtown, and the failure to comply can result in an immediate dismissal. We put together a little something for you girls to show your man if he’s been questioning his eating habits. Scroll down for more!

If you’re a light squirter, or what I can a “sprinkler”, his face should look something like this. This is when he’s eaten it pretty well, but not PERFECTLY.

For my heavy flow girls, or “gushers”, it should look something like this. He’s getting better at this point, so you might wanna keep him around.


THIS is perfect. One steady stream of pure ecstasy all over his face. Definitely keep a guy if his face is as clean as this is!


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