3 Things That Probz Happened When Miley Broke Up With Her Eyebrows

Yesterday, supermodel Miranda Kerr posted a photo to Instagram of herself and the former tween queen; however, something looked different about the singer in this particular photo: her eyebrows were missing. In some sort of strategic move to seem more rebellious and cool no doubt, Miley got out the bleach and went bare with her hair, sending the social media world into shock. While we’re sure that the Wrecking Ball singer has no regrets with her new look, we can’t help but wonder what the break up went like…

3. Her brows are like “WTF Miley, why did you do this to me?!?! We’ve been together so long!”, and Miley’s all…tumblr_mswsz8AX6m1s4fof6o1_400

2. Then her brows are all like, ” YOU EVER NEVER LOVED ME! I made one mistake and you just WALK AWAY?!”, so Miley’s like…tumblr_mwmdltalzd1siha6co1_500

1. It’s pretty heated at this point, and her brows go “then WHYYYYYYYY??!!”, and she says…tumblr_mwmea04JCm1siha6co1_500

SO INTENSE, right?!?

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